Work The Night Shift? 2 Types Of Window Blinds To Keep Your Bedroom Dark While You Sleep

If you work the night shift or swing shift, then you know there can be nothing worse than trying to sleep after a long shift and having the sun blazing through your bedroom windows. Typical home window blinds, like vinyl ones, do not block all sunlight from entering your windows even when they are completely shut. The good news is that there are blinds that block most or all of this light, and here are two of the best options. 

1. Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds, often called honeycomb shades, are a great option for blocking all light from entering your bedroom while you are sleeping. There are two types of these blinds, single cell and double cell. Single-cell blinds are composed of one single layer of cells, resulting in a thinner blind, while double-cell ones have two layers stacked on top of each other, resulting in a thicker blind. Both block light well, but double-cell blinds do offer more insulation, if you also wish to block more of the sun's heat from penetrating through your window. 

These blinds block light well, because even though they are made of cells, there are no gaps between cells and the blinds appear as one solid window covering when closed. Also, unlike light-filtering window coverings, often called black-out coverings, these blinds are very attractive, and there is no need to install special strips along the perimeter of your window to adhere them to. They are only connected to a rod directly above your window, just as traditional window blinds are. 

2. Roller Blinds

Like cellular blinds, roller blinds are made of one solid piece of material, so there are no slats in them that can let slivers of light through them, even when the blinds are closed completely. They are also secured to only a rod above your window, so they also don't require any ugly special strips installed around the frame of your window. Don't just buy any roller blinds when looking to block out all light during the day, because they come in transparent fabrics and sheer ones, as well as light-blocking ones. 

Light-blocking roller blinds can be made of one thick layer of fabric or multiple layers of material. Both are good options for blocking light, but roller blinds made of multiple layers provide the extra bonus of insulation that keeps outside heat from entering your room. 

If you work the night shift or are on a swing-style schedule, then keeping light from entering your bedroom is very important for obtaining a good day's sleep. Both cellular blinds and light-blocking roller blinds are attractive and can prevent all light from entering your bedroom during the day, so you can sleep well and feel rested when it is time to work your next shift.

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