How To Choose Windows For Your Door

Many people have doors that include a space for windows. This is because a door is another surface through which natural light can be brought into the house. You don't want to waste this space by merely having the surface be solid. However, you are also going to want to ensure that you have the privacy that you need. Here are some questions that you should ask yourself before choosing a window for your door in order to get the windows that will best fit your needs.

1. Do I Have a Peephole?

If your door already has a peephole, or a small hole that you can look through in order to see exactly who is at the door before you open it, then you can feel secure going with a type of window that is not as easy to see through. Going with stained glass windows or clouded glass windows will allow you to let some sun in while maintaining the privacy of the are behind the door. Using windows that are harder to look through will also allow you to get to the door without the person on the other side knowing that you are there, allowing you to avoid having to open the door and pretend that you are not home.

2. Is the Room With the Door Getting Any Other Light?

If you have your door in a foyer or other small, secluded room in your home, then you are going to want to figure out if that room is getting any natural light already. If it is, then you can get whatever glass you want, even glass that is more opaque and does not allow in nearly as much light. If the room in which your door is located does not have any other source of natural light, then you might want to go with glass that will allow in as much light as possible.

3. How Big Are the Window Areas in the Door?

Finally, you need to take into consideration the size the windows would have to be when they are mounted to the door. If the windows would be very small, then you can get clear glass or clouded glass and not have to worry about too much privacy invasion. If the windows are larger, then you might want to consider more clouded glass in order to ensure that you get the privacy that you need.

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