Four Things To Consider When Getting Windows Replaced In A Condo Complex

Replacing the windows in a condo can be a great way to improve how energy-efficient the unit is, along with increasing the property value, and also making a difference in the way the home looks. If you are planning on getting new windows installed, it is first important to look into what is involved with replacing the windows in a condominium complex.

With the various differences between single-family homes and condos, it is essential that you explore the differences before beginning the project.

Contact the Condo Management to Check Who is Responsible

Since the management at many condo complexes are responsible for a number of maintenance projects and things related to the exterior of the buildings, it makes sense to look into whether or not the windows are covered. In some cases, you may discover that the management is responsible for covering all the costs for window replacement, while others may put that responsibility on the owners of the condos.

Check With Any HOA Bylaws Regarding Appearances

If you are handling the window replacement on your own, you need to first make sure that you will not be accidentally breaking any bylaws. Since condo complexes all set their own rules regarding the appearance of the condos, you need to make sure that what  you intend to do is allowed. This could mean the type of window, the materials used, and the colors.

Determine If You Should Do the Work Yourself

When you are left with the responsibility of installing the windows without the help of the condo management, you need to also consider if it is best suited for you to do on your own. In most cases, it is best to let professionals take care of all the installation work required due to the convenience it provides.

There is also the possibility that some condo managements require the homeowners to hire a contractor that has first been approved by them.

Make Sure the Windows Are Still Appropriate for Quality

Whether you are handling all the work yourself or the management is covering most of the work involved, you need to still check whether or not the new windows are what you want. This means checking if they are energy-efficient and an appropriate upgrade for the condo.

Taking your time preparing for the replacement of the windows in your condo can ensure that you will not break any bylaws by accident and that the windows are a good fit. By speaking to the condo management and considering all the above, you can be confident that the work is done right.