The Features And Advantages Of Vinyl Storm Windows

Vinyl is one of the most common materials for window sashes on residential and commercial buildings. It is an ideal product for people who don't want to spend a lot of time and money maintaining their windows. Even after you have decided that you want vinyl windows, you still need to consider many different factors. For instance, you need to decide if you want storm fixtures. Vinyl storm windows look just like normal fixtures but they have reinforced sashes and thicker glass panes. This article will explain the features and perks of vinyl storm windows.

What are Storm Windows?

Storm windows are built to withstand the worst weather conditions, and even natural disasters. They are perfectly waterproof so they won't ever get damaged in the case of extreme flooding. So, vinyl storm windows can easily stand up to normal daily usage, cleaning with liquids and rainy conditions. ON the exterior, a vinyl storm window will look just like a normal vinyl window. You can custom order your storm windows in all the same colors and textures as normal vinyl windows. You won't have any problem finding a product that fits into your personal style.

Increased Thermal Efficiency

Storm windows also have thicker sashes. You can even find hollow vinyl sashes that are packed with effective fiberglass insulation. This gives your window fixture much more thermal insulation. Cold air will not penetrate your frames and cool down your house.

Increases Solar Efficiency

If you are looking for more efficient windows, storm windows are also great because they have multiple panes with tempered glass. Tempered glass is specially treated with heat so it does not break as easily. Thicker glass, with multiple panes will hugely increase the solar efficiency of your fixtures. Heat will not radiate into your home through thin glass. Basically, with vinyl storm windows in your home, you will not need to use so much energy heating and cooling your home.


One perk of thicker storm windows, that is often not mentioned, is the fact that they will make your property more soundproof. Thicker sashes with multiple pane can prove to be invaluable if you live in a loud neighborhood, especially if you have children.

Vinyl storm windows will obviously cost more than normal vinyl windows. If you intend to live in the same home for many years to come, it is worth making this extra investment. It could easily pay for itself over the years. For more information, contact companies like Alumaroll Awning & Window Co Inc.