3 Reasons To Invest In Vinyl Sashes

There are many great characteristics of vinyl. When it comes to window sashes, vinyl is one of the most reliable products. It is a very smart product to invest in if you don't have the time or patience to be constantly maintaining wooden or metal sashes. Here are three things that make vinyl such a great window sash material.

Cleaning Is Easy

Cleaning vinyl is easy because you don't need to take any special considerations considering moisture. Water will not damage the surface or remove the color. With aluminum windows, you have to worry about water causing the window frame to rust. This can, in turn, make it harder to open and close movable windows. You can conveniently clean your vinyl windows (on both the inside and outside) with just a wet rag. If the window does get dirty (whether it be from grimy hands or dust build up) you can use a basic household cleaner.

No Need to Repaint Vinyl

Homeowners who have ever tried to repaint their wooden or aluminum window sashes will know exactly how difficult the project it. Vinyl is material that you will never need to stain, paint, or seal. Vinyl is dyed so it is scratch and fade resistant. Other windows need to be restained in order to keep them waterproof. This can be a very inconvenient project because you need to resurface and sans the sash before adding more stain. The job is very messy, it is not something you want to worry about every few years.

Vinyl Varieties

Vinyl not only comes in any color you would want, it is also engineered with textures. A textured sash is great for movable fixtures because their is less friction. It slides very easily and sash tracks do not need to be lubricated. There is also the possibility to get a fake texture and print on your vinyl sashes. Fake wood finishes even have a dark print and texture that replicate real wood grains. These look smart, but you might want to stick to a more neutral sash color. You can add style to your windows by adding decorative casing. These are easier to change and repaint when you update the style of your home. In 10 years, when it comes time to update your home style, you might regret having such decorative sashes.

You might be attracted to vinyl windows for many other reasons. It is a great material for home and property owners of all circumstance.