5 Benefits Of Fiber-Cement Siding

When deciding how to refinish the outside of your home, you are most likely exploring several options. One siding option that should definitely not be overlooked is fiber-cement siding, such as from the trusted brand James Hardie. This durable composite material made of concrete and wood pulp offers homeowners a host of benefits over other options. Here are five of the biggest benefits of fiber-cement siding:

Great Looks

Fiber-cement siding can be designed to mimic a wide variety of finishes, including wood planks and shingles. Fiber-cement siding is so versatile it can easily match a variety of architectural styles, including intricate Victorian homes. Your siding can also be primed and painted before installation, and then painted with a topcoat to help create an even better sealant. The appearance and color of your fiber-cement siding is only limited by your imagination.

Lasts (Almost) Forever

Fiber-cement siding is known for its longevity, and typically comes with a decades-long warranty. It is insect-proof and rot-proof, as well as resistant to the elements, eliminating most of the factors that cause other types of siding to deteriorate too quickly. When you have fiber-cement siding installed, you know you're really getting your money's worth since it lasts practically forever.

Fire Resistant

Fiber-cement siding can give the appearance of wood, but without the danger of a house fire since it's highly fire resistant. It contains no flammable material. This is an especially reassuring benefit if you live in an area of the country that is prone to wildfires or brush fires.

Low Maintenance

Fiber-cement siding is very low maintenance and easy to clean. Because it is so durable and not prone to aging due to the elements the way that wood is, you can basically have it installed and then forget about it. Some homeowners find a good power wash once a year after winter ends is a great way to keep fiber-cement siding looking fresh and new year after year.

Storm Resistant

Being made of such strong, durable material helps make fiber-cement siding resistant to storms. If you live in a region that gets a lot of rain, hail, or is even frequently in the path of hurricanes, fiber-cement siding's durability and storm resistance can give you a lot of peace of mind.

If you're considering fiber-cement siding, it's best to contact a certified James Hardie siding contractor, like those represented at http://www.bluespringssidingandwindows.com, to answer all of your questions and explain your options.