Replacing Your Windows? Cool Ways To Upcycle Your Old Ones

If you're planning to replace your windows in an older home, you may feel like you're wasting an awful lot of material by tossing out your old ones. But those ancient windows that are so leaky and uneconomical when it comes to insulating your house are ideal for a ton of cool upcycled projects. Here are eight ways you can reuse your old windows, so you can feel like you're getting an even better deal when it comes to your replacement job.  

Garden Protection

If you enjoy gardening, your old windows can save you money in multiple different ways. Windows make ideal covers for raised beds, so you can nurture seedlings, extend your growing season, and protect plants from hungry critters.  

Do you have climbing plants that need trellising? Old windows are perfect for support, and they look great with barrel or washtub planters for that rustic look.

You can even build a mini greenhouse out of old windows. Simply attach them at the corners to a wooden base, place a couple at an angle to form a peaked roof, and place one on a hinge to create a door at the front.

Memo Board

An old window can frame a chalkboard to create a family memo board or calendar. Add hooks along the bottom for jackets and bags, a basket for mail, and you have just the right item to keep your entrance area organized.


You've probably seen windows used as picture frames before. For something different and a little more artistic, try using a paned window to break up one large photo or float photos behind windows that have no panes.

Cabinet Doors

If you're doing any other remodeling in your home at the same time as your window job, think about where you could use your old windows as cabinet doors. Old windows can give kitchen cabinets an antique vibe and display your items as well. Windows are also ideal for rustic bathroom medicine chests.

Coffee Table

Have you always wanted a memory box coffee table but balked at the price? You can build your own by framing an existing table and adding a window to the top to view your favorite memorabilia.


Several windows grouped together can make a fabulous and unique headboard. For more interest, staple fabric to the back and fairy lights around the border. 

Kids' Structures

Thinking about building a treehouse? You can put your old windows to use there or on a kids' play house.

Screen or Room Divider

Finally, large windows can be hinged in groups of two or more to build beautiful screens or room dividers to help zone larger spaces. As an alternative to fabric, you can stencil on the windows with paint or decoupage them with origami paper for a stunning effect.

Replacing your windows (through professionals such as Gilkey Windows) is the right thing to do if your old ones are raising your energy bills or no longer operating properly. Put the retired windows to good use, and you've got a win-win for your older home.