2 Specialty Windows That Make Your Home Easier To Clean

Specialty windows are a great option when you are considering replacing your current windows, mostly because specialty windows can make your windows more useful by doing everything from making your home quieter to increasing your home's security. Listed below are two specialty window options that can make your home easier to clean.

Enclosed Blinds

One of the worst parts about cleaning your home and windows is dusting. This is especially true if you have window blinds that tend to attract a lot of dust and can quickly leave your windows, blinds, and window frames looking very dingy and dirty. In addition, the dust that gathers on those blinds can easily be flung out into the rest of your home whenever you try to open or raise the blinds, which further increases your house cleaning workload.

However, an easy way to avoid this issue is to consider installing specialty windows that have enclosed blinds. These windows will place a set of blinds between two panes of glass, which will keep dust and other particles from building up on the blinds.

Not only will this reduce the time that you spend cleaning your blinds and windows, but it will also protect your blinds from damage from pets or your children. This is because your pets or children cannot actually get to the blinds, the only accessible parts of the blinds are the parts that you can use to raise/lower and open/close the blinds.


A major problem that many homeowners face when trying to clean their windows is that they cannot easily clean the exterior surface of the windows. In most cases, you will have to exit the house and walk from window to window. The difficulty increases when you have a multi-level home because then you either have to spray the windows on the upper levels from a distance or take your chances on a ladder in order to wipe down the glass directly.

Double-hinged windows are a great way to resolve this issue because you can fold the window into the house and reach both sides without going outside. This makes cleaning your windows a less time-consuming and frustrating job.

Contact a contractor today in order to discuss which window options he or she would recommend to make your home more convenient and easier to clean. Windows with enclosed blinds and double-hinged windows are both great options that can make your window and house cleaning chores easier to handle. To learn more, contact a company like Windows Plus