3 HUGE Mistakes People Make With Their Vertical Wood Blinds

If you want a set of window blinds that give you absolute coverage and provide you with a classic look in the room, vertical wooden window blinds are easily the most preferred choice. These blinds are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also known to be some of the most durable types of blinds you can buy. However much that may be true, vertical wooden window blinds do have some special considerations involved to ensure you get to enjoy your blinds for as long as possible. Here are a few of the biggest maintenance and placement mistakes you should work to avoid if you have vertical wooden window blinds in your home. 

Mistake: Pulling the blinds down to soak them in a cleaning solution. 

Why? With other types of window blinds, such as those made of metal or vinyl, you may at some point pull the entire set of blinds down and soak them in a tub filled with cleaning solution. However, this is never a good idea with wooden window blinds. The wood is not capable of withstanding high amounts of moisture and will actually absorb the moisture into the wooden slats. Even though the blinds may look fine once you pull them out of the cleaning solution, as they dry, they can change shape and color. 

Mistake: Using chemical cleaners on the wooden blinds. 

Why? Wooden blinds are particularly prone to damage from abrasive chemicals like bleach or cleaners that have a high level of acidic components. Because wood is porous, these cleaners can leech into the wood and cause everything from deterioration to fragility. It is best to use only a dampened cloth and mild soap to clean your vertical wooden blinds. If you have stubborn areas of dirt or grime, use a gentle circular scrubbing motion to remove them. You can also use a gentle polish, such as olive or lemon oil, to coat the wooden slats of the blinds and make them shine. 

Mistake: Placing the wooden blinds over windows that receive high amounts of sunlight.

Why? The side of your home where the sun is shining straight through the most may not always be the best place to install wooden blinds. The extreme sun and heat can cause the wooden blinds to warp and discolor over time. The only way you could use wooden blinds and not see damage in these areas is by first using a UV-protecting window tint to limit exposure to the sun.