How To Repair Loose Window Panes

If have wooden window sashes, there is always a chance that your glass panes can become loose or leaky over the years. This is major concern if you live a cold climate because you will find it much harder to keep your home warm and comfortable. Luckily, it is quite easy to fix this problem with a few basic tools. You don't need to spend much time or money on this repair which might end up saving you money on your utility bills.

What You Need for the Project

You only need a few basic tools and supplies for the job. First of all, make sure you have a clear, waterproof silicone caulk to apply. You will also want some painter's tape for getting straight line. To help remove the existing caulk or rubber, you will need a painter's knife, razor blade, and citrus-based liquid cleaner. With these supplies you should be able to remove the existing caulk and replace it with fresh caulk that will reseal your glass and make it air tight.

Removing the Old Caulk

If your windows have major deterioration, there is a chance that the caulk around the glass pane is nearly non-existent. If so, you will at least be able to remove the majority of your caulk quite easily. The pointed end of painter's knife is convenient because it allows to to scrape away the caulk within the crack without actually scratching the wood. The razor blade should only be used to delicately scrape any caulk residue still stuck the glass. You need to be careful that you don't damage the finish on your wood frame. Make sure both the glass and wood are as clean and smooth as possible before applying the caulk.

Applying the New Caulk

Applying the new caulk is much easier if you tape off the glass first. This way, you can create a straighter line on the glass. When you squeeze the caulk into the corner, make sure it complete fills in any gaps or cavities. Sometime the frame will be hollow inside so you will have to shoot in a lot of extra caulk. Use your finger to lightly smooth out the caulk. This pushes it down a bit and helps make the width of the caulk line even.

This simple project will only take a couple of hours. Your home temperature will be much easier to regulate once your windows are perfectly sealed. Contact a company like Bradenton Window & Allied Products for more tips.