Is Water Seeping In Through Your Windows? 3 Ways To Fix The Issue

If you moisture on your windows or water pools on the sills, you may have water seeping into your home. Sometimes this is caused by a roofing problem, while other times it might be because the windows are old. Whatever the reason, it's important to fix it, because moisture can damage your windows and cause mold to thrive. Here are a few ways to fix this issue.

Install a New Guttering System

Standard gutter systems are made of interlocking joints. While these gutters are low-cost systems, they don't always direct water the way they should. During heavy rainstorms, water can easily seep between the joints and down the siding of the house and into window cracks.

If you are looking at a new guttering system, you may want to invest in seamless gutters. This type of guttering is custom-made to blend in with roof fasica and soffit. Not only do seamless gutters look nice, but they are a solid construction so water won't seep through joints.

Keep Gutters Clean and/or Covered

Your gutter joints may be working fine; another common problem is that the gutters may be so full of debris that water is overflowing. For instance, do you have any trees close to your house? As the tree loses its leaves and twigs, these can get stuck in the gutters and cause blockages. Since the water is blocked, it can pool and eventually seep over and ruin siding and windows. Be sure to prune your trees back and clean your gutters out so this isn't an issue. Another way to reduce this problem is to install a gutter cover—a mesh that sits on top of guttering systems and keeps debris out.

Weatherstrip and Caulk Windows

It's easy to apply weatherstripping to your windows. After thoroughly cleaning the windows and letting them dry, open the sash and apply the weatherstripping to the sides of the window. Lots of weatherstripping products have an adhesive side that you can easily press into the window for a snug fit.

Take the time to look outside and inside the house to spot any cracks that may need to be sealed. You can easily fix these cracks by applying a sealant, like high-grade polyurethane, to trim with a caulking gun.

If your windows and/or siding continue to feel wet, it's time to contact a professional. You may have a leak in the roof or walls, and you need to take care of those issues so they don't cause expensive structural damage. Contact a window or guttering expert for more information.