Why Should You Choose UV Resistant Glass For Your Home Windows?

Getting a new set of windows can really make your home look fresh and renewed, but there are certain choices to make in the process. Of course you should decide what type of windows you want, how they'll open, and perhaps you'll have to decide between single and double panes. However, if you're not thinking about UV protection, here's why you probably should be.

UV Comes Indoors

When most people think of UV rays, they only really think about getting burned in the summer. The reality is, UV rays can easily penetrate through standard glass and can burn or harm you as long as the light reaches you.

Thankfully, not all glass is like this. Specially prepared UV resistant glass helps to block out some or all UV rays, preventing them from getting into your home.

UV Bodily Harm

Okay, so maybe you're thinking that you've spent a fair amount of time around windows and haven't had any ill effects. Unfortunately, those effects could still be in your future.

UV rays can cause lasting, long-term damage to your skin, even if you don't get burned. The deeper UV rays can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, causing damage that you can't see. This kind of damage manifests later in life as age spots and skin discoloration.

Furthermore, UV rays can hurt your eyes too. Eye doctors believe that UV radiation is linked to macular degeneration, which is one of the leading causes of blindness in old age.

So you see, even if you spend hours by the window every day with seemingly no problem, you could only discover much later in life how much you regret those hours.

Save Energy

Some people think that closing their window blinds is a way to protect themselves from UV light without having to invest in new windows. While this is true, it has its own set of downsides.

If you opt to put up curtains, that means you'll have to commit to keeping them closed during the brightest parts of the day. Most people like having a little light in their homes, so this could be rather depressing. To make matters worse, it will force you to use more electricity to illuminate your home during the daytime, and it can make it harder to easily vent your house by opening a window.

If you're already in the market for new windows, why not improve your health and choose UV resistant glass? Talk to a window installation expert about your options and find out how much UV you can expect your new windows to filter out.