Adding New Custom Windows To Your Home

When you build a new home or remodel an older one, you may want to install some new windows that are not readily available at the local home center. Working with a glass company and your contractor to order custom windows is the best option, and the available customizations are nearly unlimited. 

Custom-Shaped Windows

If you are considering installing a new window but would like to have a special shape like an octagon or some other shape to the window, it may be hard to find one already-made shape you want and in the right size. Working with a window company to make a custom window is often the best way to get the window you want for your home.

It is a good idea to have your window installer measure the area and put the specifications for the window together for you. The information is then sent to the window company so that they can make the window and the frame according to the specs you give them.

The window is then delivered to you so the contractor can install them for you. The contractor will have to frame the window opening to fit the new custom window, but often, they will do that before the window is ordered so they can use the size and shape of the opening to determine the window size and shape.

Standard-Size Specialty Windows 

Some windows may be standard-sized but have special options like a window seat or a window with a large sill to put plants and other items on are readily available. While these windows may come in standard sizes, the glass company can also alter them to custom sizes for your application. 

Custom-made windows are not always a special window but do have some changes in the window size, shape, or function that requires the glass company to create a completely customized version of the window for your application. If you are considering adding a large picture window or one with a window seat, the glass company will often start with a standard design and make it fit your needs. 

Large Windows

In some situations, the window you need is much larger than a standard window and may not be easy to find. A large window can be complicated to build, but most glass companies can work with you to make a large custom window that will fit your needs. Sometimes the window will need extra support, so the contractor will need to work with the glass company to ensure that the framing is sufficient to support your new custom window. 

Contact a supplier of custom-made windows to learn more.