The 4 Factors You Should Consider When Deciding If Wood Window Frames Are Right For Your Home

Not only are wood window frames the most traditional option the market has to offer, but many homeowners find that they are also the most aesthetically pleasing option. However, despite their natural beauty, wood window frames are not the right option for everyone. When trying to determine whether or not these replacement window frames are right for your home, there are 4 main factors that you should consider. These factors are cost, durability, maintenance, and insulation. Continue reading to see how wood windows measure up in each of these four categories.


Like most building materials, you can expect to find wood replacement windows in a variety of price ranges based upon the overall quality of the product you are choosing. However, regardless of whether you choose high or low-end windows, you should expect to pay a bit more for wood replacement windows than you will pay when choosing another material of comparable quality.


One of the reasons that wood windows tend to cost a bit more than those made from other materials is the impressive durability that these window frames are able to offer. For many homeowners, choosing to install wood replacement windows will mean never needing to tackle this home improvement project again since their new windows will easily last for as long as they own their home. 


While it is true that wood replacement windows are extremely durable, it is important to understand that this durability is highly dependent upon your commitment to properly maintaining these windows. This is because wood is a porous material and is therefore sensitive to damage from moisture if not properly sealed. Even the best sealants on the market will wear off over time and will need to be reapplied in order to prevent damage to your wood surfaces. If you are looking for a low-maintenance replacement option, wood windows probably are not the best choice for you.


Insulation is an important factor to keep in mind when choosing a material for your replacement windows since poorly insulated windows can easily result in significantly higher heating and cooling costs and can make it more difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home. Thankfully this is not an issue with wood replacement windows since this material offers some of the highest insulation ratings on the market today.

The Bottom Line

There are several different options available when replacing the windows in your home. In order to ensure that you are choosing the option that is best suited to your particular needs, it is always best to explore both the pros and cons of all available options before making a final decision. Reaching out to a qualified contractor in your local area can help to make this task much easier and provide you with some valuable insight regarding each of the options the market has to offer.