5 Reasons To Get Impact Windows

Are you ready to upgrade the windows in your home, and you're considering impact windows? If so, it will help to know a few benefits of having them installed. 

Hurricane Protection

Impact windows are going to be best if you live in an area that sees a lot of hurricanes and high winds. These windows are designed to protect your home from the damage caused by debris flying at high speeds. It not only protects the windows from needing to be repaired in most situations but it is designed to prevent a hole from being made in the glass in an extreme situation. If that wind gets inside, it is going to cause a lot of damage to the interior. 

Full Visibility

When a storm does come, you do not have to board up impact windows or pull down shutters. This gives you full visibility through all of your windows, rather than being completely in the dark. This will be helpful if storms are capable of knocking out your power, so you are not sheltering in the dark. 


If an impact window is capable of withstanding flying debris, it is going to also do a great job at securing your home. Your windows are no longer going to be a weak point where people can break the glass and unlatch the window so that they can get inside. Impact windows can give you peace of mind that your home will be secure when you're not around.

Energy Efficiency

The design of impact windows is also going to be very energy efficient. You'll find that your air conditioner needs to work less because air is not getting in from the windows. Impact windows will have a tighter seal that is going to be far less prone to energy loss over time.

Noise Reduction

Live on a busy street? Impact windows are going to provide you with additional noise reduction. You won't be able to easily hear the traffic caused by cars that are driving in front of your home, or the noise from a playground or school across the street. This can be a great benefit for someone that is easily woken up in their sleep, or simply want some additional peace and quiet when they are home. 

Think you're ready to install impact windows in your home? Reach out to a window dealer in your area for more information on impact windows