What To Look For In Window Glass When You're Buying Energy-Efficient Windows

If you're getting replacement windows for your home, you probably want the most energy-efficient windows you can afford. Energy-efficient windows have better-insulated frames, an efficient frame design, and energy-efficient glass. 

All these factors, along with proper installation, are important for optimal energy savings, but since glass makes up a large part of the window, it can be particularly important. Here's a look at choosing the most energy-efficient options for window glass.

Compare Label Ratings

Windows are rated by independent organizations for energy efficiency. If they meet minimal standards, they can receive the Energy Star label. In addition, look for another label that rates several factors on the window, such as how well the window keeps heat inside in the winter, how well it keeps heat outside in the summer, and how much air leaks in around the window.

These ratings take into account both glass and frame, and they give you a good idea of how well the windows work at controlling heat transfer. The ratings also help you choose the right windows for your climate. For instance, keeping heat out in the summer may be more important than keeping heat inside during the winter if you live in a warm climate.

Opt For Multiple Panes Of Glass

Windows with two or three panes of glass and air or gas between the panes are much more energy efficient than single-pane windows. Multiple panes provide more insulation and prevent drafts. More panes are more expensive, so double panes windows may be all you need.

Double panes also give you a chance to decorate the new windows because grilles can be placed between the panes to make it look like you have divided glass. You may even want blinds put between the panes of glass. Tough transparent membranes can also be put between glass panes to turn the windows into impact windows that increase home security.

Consider Window Tint

Heat transfer is not the only thing you need to control the climate in your home and save on energy bills. Solar warming can also be an issue. A good way to block solar warming is to buy replacement windows with tint on them. The tint reflects UV rays and makes the windows much more energy efficient. The tint can be dark for added privacy or clear so it doesn't affect the appearance of your windows.

Choosing energy-efficient windows might be a little challenging, but it's easier when you refer to the ratings on the label, look for at least double panes, and consider window tint. The window company can also help you pick out the right windows so they match your climate and budget.

Contact a local window service to learn more about energy-efficient windows.