Installing A Residential Window Well Cover: A Step-By-Step Guide

As a homeowner, protecting your basement windows from debris, rain, and snow is important. One way to achieve this is by installing window well covers. If you've already purchased a window well cover, follow these simple steps to ensure a proper fit:

Gather Your Tools and Materials

To install your window well cover, gather the following tools and materials:

  1. Window well cover (already purchased)
  2. Drill with a masonry bit
  3. Measuring tape
  4. Pencil or marker
  5. Screwdriver
  6. Level
  7. Safety goggles
  8. Work gloves
  9. L-brackets (if required)
  10. Anchors and screws (usually included with the cover)

Position the Cover

Place your window well cover on top of the well, aligning it with the edges. The cover should fit snugly without any gaps. If your cover has a hinge or a slope, ensure the higher side is towards the top of the well. This will help with water drainage and provide easy access to the window.

Mark the Bracket Locations

Once the cover is correctly positioned, mark the locations for the brackets with a pencil or marker. Depending on the design of your cover, you may need L-brackets or other types of supports. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to determine the proper placement and number of brackets.

Install the Brackets

After marking the bracket locations:

  1. Put on safety goggles and work gloves.
  2. Using a drill with a masonry bit, drill holes in the window well where you've marked.
  3. Be cautious when drilling into concrete or brick, as they can be challenging materials. If you encounter resistance, try applying more pressure or using a more powerful drill.

Attach the Anchors

With the holes drilled, insert the anchors provided by the manufacturer. Anchors ensure a secure attachment of the brackets to the window well. Make sure they're firmly in place before proceeding.

Secure the Brackets

Now that the anchors are set, attach the brackets to the window well using the provided screws. Tighten the screws with a screwdriver until the brackets are secure and stable.

Attach the Cover

Place the window well cover back on the well, aligning it with the installed brackets. Fasten the cover to the brackets using the screws provided by the manufacturer. Ensure the cover is secure and doesn't move when applying pressure.

Check for Proper Fit and Alignment

Finally, with the cover installed, use the level to check for proper alignment. The cover should be level, with no gaps between it and the window well. If you find any discrepancies, adjust the brackets and screws as needed until you achieve the desired fit.

For more information, contact a window well cover installation company near you.