Adding New Custom Windows To Your Home

When you build a new home or remodel an older one, you may want to install some new windows that are not readily available at the local home center. Working with a glass company and your contractor to order custom windows is the best option, and the available customizations are nearly unlimited.  Custom-Shaped Windows If you are considering installing a new window but would like to have a special shape like an octagon or some other shape to the window, it may be hard to find one already-made shape you want and in the right size.

4 Reasons To Have Solar Control Window Film Installed On Your Home Office Windows

If you converted a spare bedroom to a home office, you may feel like you're isolated from the world while you're working, especially if you need to keep the curtains closed to block the sun. You may want to have solar control window film put on the windows so you can leave the curtains and blinds open instead. Window film is perfect for any room in your home, but it is especially suitable for a home office.