Add Natural Light To A Converted Attic With A Skylight Installation

It makes sense to want more light if you've converted an attic from a storage space into a living space, such as a bedroom or office. A lack of natural light can make the space feel dark and gloomy, especially if the attic has a lot of low ceilings and no windows.  When you begin exploring having new windows installed, you may have fallen in love with the look of an attic skylight.

What To Look For In Window Glass When You're Buying Energy-Efficient Windows

If you're getting replacement windows for your home, you probably want the most energy-efficient windows you can afford. Energy-efficient windows have better-insulated frames, an efficient frame design, and energy-efficient glass.  All these factors, along with proper installation, are important for optimal energy savings, but since glass makes up a large part of the window, it can be particularly important. Here's a look at choosing the most energy-efficient options for window glass.

Own A Window Installation Store? Why Have Demos?

When you own a window installation store or sell windows and window treatments for a living, you want to make sure you appeal to your current and potential clients in the best way. Windows are a must-have for any home so it's not difficult to make a window sale. The challenge for your company lies in the promotion of different products in your window treatment line. Consider adding a window shade showroom demonstration station or an interactive showroom to your office so you can appeal to the most clients and keep products in your line moving easily.

5 Reasons To Get Impact Windows

Are you ready to upgrade the windows in your home, and you're considering impact windows? If so, it will help to know a few benefits of having them installed.  Hurricane Protection Impact windows are going to be best if you live in an area that sees a lot of hurricanes and high winds. These windows are designed to protect your home from the damage caused by debris flying at high speeds.

Benefits Of Soundproof Windows: A Brief Guide To Improving Privacy For Your Home

Soundproof windows are becoming more and more popular. With soundproof windows, you can get the privacy of your own home without the outside noise. If you are considering getting soundproof windows for your home, here is a brief guide. How Soundproof Windows Work Soundproof windows keep sound out of your home. They work by adding mass to the window frame, which helps to absorb the vibrations that cause noise. Soundproof windows can be made from a variety of materials and have different features.